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A week with the Apple Watch

Posted: May 17, 2015 | No Comments »


Working on an app for Apple Watch, before the device was available to test, it was really difficult to assume anything, as all devices carry a extra layer of emotion that in some way helps form your view on how to design for it. Finally the watch was released by Apple so I received a new Apple Watch Sport and on the advice of a colleague, I kept a diary, so here it is:


  • Easy to pick up core features and functionality. Lots of nice little touches. Having access to heart rate data is fun.
  • Received a simple phone call on it, was a bit ‘Star Trek’
  • Mainly a lot of novelty.
  • Impressed with build quality
  • Lots of waiting for stuff to load


  • Strap is excellent
  • Charger cable is too long
  • Just realised that notifications don’t immediately show up, the buzz first is refreshing way to not overload you with distractions
  • Apps take a while to load, especially if you have not used the associative iPhone app for a while, or if that app needs GPS or data


  • Whilst driving, it buzzed to let me know I was not meeting my ‘Stand Quota’
  • Maps is interesting, little instructions are simple
  • iPhone is showing many Watch apps are using the phones location services


  • Really enjoying the activity monitor stuff, did 2 dog walks just to get the ‘walk’ part completed
  • You can control Spotify and iTunes using the media control in glances
  • Battery life is superb
  • I have to take watch off to sleep, as my sleeping position means my watch keeps thinking I am looking at it. This is annoying


  • Charges really quickly
  • Not suitable for cycling at all. Strava is not even good enough to be MVP.
  • I really like the way I can control things with the digital crown and side button, as swiping the small screen is a bit clumsy, as is tapping on small elements


  • Set up Friends list – great feature – choose my 12 most important people
  • Watch is all about subtraction – am now setting up the watch just to show me a refined set of data, am now just defining ‘friends’ out of my contacts or ‘favorites’ These are my ‘moments’ and things that I deem important. Vip on the iPhone was useful for filtering important emails.


  • More latency issues
  • More subtraction. Seems there is way to much on the watch. Bubble icon view is crowded and hard to tap
  • Music control works nicely. Is in my view a good remote control app for iTunes/Spotify
  • Really enjoying the Activity stuff.
  • Battery life is really good. Can get a day and a half out of it with medium use


  • I don’t like or use glances at all.
  • Starting to wonder whether this will be a popular device, and whether people who have a decent wristwatch will use both. One for best? one for work?

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