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Party like its 1999…

Posted: November 18, 2009 | No Comments »

In 1999 I built the website for The Elbow Room, a chain of upscale pool bars in London, Leeds and Bristol. Back then they had 2 bars, and needed a really cool site. After a good deal of preparation, I decided to have a go at building a 3d look pool room in Flash.

Elbowroom website

Starting from a render from the interior designer, I drew all the shapes and then started with the gradient fills. Not photo-realistic, rather illustrative. All the balls were done in pseudo 3d, spots stripes and the angles of the rolling, all alternating. I videotaped a pool break, and began tweening all the elements to make the break look realistic. Then came the sounds. I used a minidisc deck (remember them?) and a digital mic to capture all the sounds, mixed them down in Soundedit16 and imported them into Flash. The result was well recieived. The Sunday Times listed the site as one of the top 50 websites in the U.K. I don’t think the client ever really ‘got’ it but it was a labour of love for me, and a hell of a lot of work. The site was up and tweaked until 2002.

You can view the site here

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