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Ten reasons why you should hire me

Posted: August 2, 2017 | No Comments »

Ten reasons why you should hire me
Based around answers I have given to my favourite interview questions, I have put together a list of ten reasons why you should hire me.

1. I am highly creative

Creative app concept

I have extensive experience in the conception, design strategy, forming, and overall client/stakeholder liaison of multiple high profile mobile, innovation and digital transformation projects. I can ideate propositions, run workshops, design sprints and brainstorming sessions. I have ideated entire mobile projects, apps and ecosystem out of nothing but a few paragraphs in a brief.

2. I *am* User Interface

Virgin Active iPhone app UI

I pride myself in creating intelligent, straightforward and intuitive interfaces, best in class UI for native mobile, custom icon creation, colour theory, typographic led, clean, functional and minimal.

3. I am a Mobile First advocate


Mobile first is not about designing the small screen first. It is about putting the needs of the mobile user first. Is it as much about content design as it is layout design. I pride myself on being a mobile expert. I write and respect mobile principles.

4. I love UX

I love UX

I retain a healthy knowledge on UX process, human centred design principles and UX deliverables. Whilst I don’t market myself as a UX designer, I enjoy taking on those roles and responsibilities when the project requires. I leave the research and lab testing to experts in those specialist fields.

5. I am Lean

Am not a big fan of long drawn out processes or excessive documentation, I like to keep things lean, agile and easy to iterate. Everything is rapidly prototyped on the device. Am a big fan of MVP, failing fast and learning quick.

6. I am both a team leader AND a team player

Am equally happy being part of a team as I am leading a team.

team leader and team player

I have extensive experience with team management, leadership, oversight, mentoring and public speaking. Design should be fun, and a working environment needs to be fresh and cheery. I find hierarchy and job titles a bit dull. In a group of intelligent multi-disciplinary designers it does not really matter who wears the leadership hat. Accountability is another thing altogether…

7. I respect the craft


With a background in traditional typographic design, details are obsessed over and the finished product is crafted around solid communicable design, as well as human centred design principles. I like to hand kern text, I understand type design and which colours compliment each other. Almost everything I make is from scratch, I prefer a custom approach rather than off the shelf solutions. I don’t go on Dribbble.

8. I work really well with developers

design + development

A keen technologist, I have a thorough understanding of all relevant mobile technologies, API and CMS experience and proven track record working with Agile scrum teams both on-site and remote. I firmly believe this makes for a much better working relationship between designer and developer. Handoff is not just delivering a set of assets, is a communication process, a negotiation and mutual respect of constraints inherent in design, UX and build. Technical constraints are critical to the delivery of any digital product. There is no point something living inside a Keynote deck when you can’t build it due to constraints that you did not bother to understand. Delivering a product successfully to market requires everybody to work together in this way.

9. I have a ton of experience

I have worked on native/web apps since 2008. Art director since 1996. I have designed over 25 apps for major brands such as Virgin Active, British Airways, Nectar, Sainsbury’s, as well as first party apps for Nokia, award-winning betting apps for Betfair, and native banking apps for HSBC, Barclays, RBS and NatWest. I have a great deal of banking and fintech experience.

10. I ask a ton of questions

With a thirst for knowledge and a passion for solving problems, I try to ask the right questions, to gain the right knowledge up front.

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