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Custom short URIs

Custom short URIs are a great way of strengthening brand association through Social Media networks. The issue is that long uris are cumbersome and there is only a 140 character limit on Twitter. So to share a link on Twitter, a custom short link must be used.

With the advent of a myriad of domain suffixes for different countries, you can now make short links that contain your company name, but are much smaller.

So for instance, the telegraph would have a standard domain name of

So a link to one of their articles would be:

but on Twitter that link would be:

Notice the domain: is 5 characters but still says Telegraph (

The domain suffix is the Phillippines, but it gives the Telegraph a smart way to use their name by 3 character domain, with a two character suffix.

Other brands have done this:
Pepsi (
Amazon (
Foursquare (
Yahoo (
C-Span (
The Economist (
New York Times (
Mashable (
Google (
Thinkstoxxk (
Media Temple (
Tech Crunch (
As well as a shorter name it allows you to track all your links across any social network, as the domain you have is totally unique. Also domain shortening using the current non-branded services gives us no way to properly track where our links go, or write APIs to interact with this data. Also services such as will not let you control, modify or cancel links.

I created a simple Maveco short uri using Phurl (PHP, MySQL), and with a .co domain

A great tool for choosing a short domain or uri strategy is

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