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The Brief

The first steps of any project require an understanding that conceptual thinking and design theory are one thing, but honing the brief and structure is fundamental to the inception of a succesful project. Unlocking the potential is the key

Mobile Principles

I use the following principles to inform my process and decision making when designing products for mobile

Preparing for Apple Watch

Since the announcement of the Apple Watch, application designers need to consider the following

Farewell Skeuomorphism

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Skeomorphism has been used as a major part of iOS GUI. A style of design that brings analogue, real world aesthetic to the digital world. A particular favourite of Steve Jobs

Native UI

Native UI is a mobile term, referred to a lot nowadays, especially in the context of Native v Web apps. I wanted to write a simple explanation of what it is, along with some context of how it affects your app and the user experience


Defining mobile products

Mobile projects can be defined as either Native, Web or Browser. It is important to distinguish which one of these is required before creating visual direction. I like to explain it this way: Native An application built in a platform specific technology (e.g. Objective C, Java). These apps are provisioned via an app store, marketplace [&hellip


Planning is the most important part of any website, to fail to plan is to plan to fail. Planning needs to take on a certain format but every company is different. However this is my process: Planning starts with a site map for the front-end pages. This is the main plan for the outline of [&hellip

Accessibility – a simple guide

If you are designing for the web you need to be aware of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This states that web sites be accessible to persons of visual and physical impairment. The following information and links should help Discrimination in relations to goods, facilities and access to services, is basically the whole point here. If someone [&hellip

Visual design

Visual design for websites can start with a simple sketch drawing, or roughly proportioned blocks in Photoshop, to gain a principal layout strategy.

Designers have different strategies on successfully designing a page. Mine starts out with a rough grid and container diagram.

The content will lean to a certain style of layout