An entire end to end process, from definition to delivery. A modular set of packages.

#00 Discovery 

A full design positioning research study as well as competitive analysis and audit/critique of all existing digital collateral.

#01 Ideation

Design sprints, collaborative brainstorming and innovation workshopping.

#02 Understanding

User research, personas, experience principles and mapping, built on solid empathy and understanding the needs of the user.

#03 UX

Wireframes, journeys, flows, functional spec and full documentation of all interactions.

#04 Test

Nominate candidates, write questions, run user testing sessions, validate, publish learnings and synthesise.

#05 Visuals

Visual exploration - concept designs and moodboard for discussion, UI, typography. High fidelity interactive prototype. 

#06 Handoff

Preparation, handover and liaison of final origination 100% aligned with developer requirements to ensure excellent integration and build quality. 

#07 Framework

Design System - a library of reusable components, styles & patterns, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.

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