A little bit about us...


Maveco is a new studio founded by Mat Venn. We take care of the stuff that is not quite 'freelancer' and not quite 'big agency'. Somewhere in the middle. We design and build stuff with intelligence and integrity. 

Backed by nearly 3 decades of experience from branding to digital transformation, we offer everything from discovery to delivery, through solid research, initial ideation and design direction, research, strategy, UX, visual design, handoff and integration.

We work with SMEs and startups, synthesising big experience, ideas and loads of passion and craft, into creating design solutions full of integrity and intelligence.

Design is about problem solving, and taking the complexity out of experience, by understanding users and their unique needs. Its creating relationships, making decisions, quantifying success and learning how to learn fast. 

“good design is familiar, congruent, minimal, reductive, haptic, interruptable, contextual, intimate, lean, low cognitive load, bulletproof and superfast.” - Mat Venn

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