Our design process.


We apply solid design thinking to every project we work on.


Our design process

We follow a simple double diamond process (introduced by the UK Design Council). Its a simple yet powerful framework, and provides both a defined structure but also a high level understanding of the process.

Our guiding principles

User centred
Always design for needs of the user. Understanding and empathy is the basis of good design

Research is key
Design is about problem solving. You need to understand what problems there are to solve. For that you need solid qualitative user research. It does not have to be formal, expensive, or extensive.

Mobile first
Mobile is not a screen size, its a set of behaviours. Its also a framework for brevity, simplicity and understanding minimalism. The principles of mobile are a guiding light for digital product design.

Keep things simple
Users expect digital products to feel familiar. To look visually congruent. To be simple, clear and easy to use.

UX is not rocket science. It does not need to be complicated. We follow lean processes and create simple yet powerful UX documentation, artifacts and deliverables that are super easy to understand for all stakeholders. This also saves time and waste, which saves money.

A minimum viable product needs to be VIABLE. Its needs to be a premium minimal version of the *actual* product, rather than the bare minimum to get 'something' to market. It is shipping something that works. We work with product leads to help triage features and deliver an MVP+

Visual design is all about craft. We respect traditional gestalt design principles, love typography, obsess over colour theory and the importance of the fit and finish of any digital product. 

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